About Health Professionals against Tobacco


Health Professionals against Tobacco was founded in 1994 and serves as an umbrella organization for Doctors against Tobacco, Dentistry against Tobacco, Nurses against Tobacco, Teachers against Tobacco and Psychologists, Social Workers and Health Promoters against Tobacco.

Today Health Professionals against Tobacco is working toward a smoke-free Sweden by the year 2025. The common goals of the organizations are to:

  • Generate evidenced-based knowledge and methods
  • Increase awareness and influence attitudes related to tobacco control issues
  • Support local, regional and national tobacco prevention activities
  • Develop information, curriculum (courses) and material
  • Partake in national and international collaboration against tobacco locally and globally

Activities include:

  • Implementing an accreditation system for tobacco cessation specialists in Sweden,
  • Co-hosting Swedish seminars related to Tobacco Endgame-Smoke Free Sweden 2025
  • Advocacy activities related to the revision of the EU Tobacco Products Directive and advances in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

For more information about current activities contact the following chairpersons:

Hans Gilljam, Doctors against Tobacco

Lena Sjöberg, Dentistry against Tobacco

Mona Wahlgren, Nurses against Tobacco

Ingrid Talu,   Teachers against Tobacco

Barbro Holm-Ivarsson, Psychologists, Social Workers and Health Promoters against Tobacco


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